About us

Established in 1981 by our founder Mr. Kamal Kishore Vaid, we are manufacturing Stainless Steel Wires for over 4 decades. Today, we can proudly say that we are the oldest company in India with stainless wire drawing expertise since the 1970s.

Stainless Steel Wires

Other Wires

Our Expertise

We have the widest size range in India. We offer all grades and finishes from a minimum order of 1 Kg.

Size Range

The widest size range from 0.10 – 24 mm diameter in coils and straight lengths from 0.80 mm – 10 mm. We also offer profile wires which include flat wire and shaped wires.


Wires to over 55 countries. We are consecutive award winners since 1998 for the highest export from India. We are an ISO 9001 & ISO14001 registered .


Coated, Cleaned, Dull, Matt, Bright, Super Bright (Mirror)


Extra Soft, Soft Annealed, ¼ Hard, ½ hard, ¾ hard, Full Hard, Spring Hard.

Special Requirements

Wires for over 50 different products ranging from household articles to aerospace.

Job Work

With such a vast experience and expertise, we can cater to all your special technical needs.

R&D Department

We have our own Research and Development department where we strive for further improvements. We also have our own physical and chemical testing facilities. All our production is thoroughly tested as per specifications of the order and are only dispatched subject to our independent quality control approval.

Technical Capabilities

We have the latest and most suitable wire manufacturing machines and ancillary equipment. We have an array of testing equipment that ensures the correct Raw Material is received and the right finished product is delivered to your doorstep.

Our Machines

Wire Drawing Machines –1 die to 21 dies
Annealing Furnaces – Inline and Batch
Tensile Testing – 100 Kgs to 10,000 Kgs Chemical Testing – Mass Spectrometer Laboratory – A team which continuously checks and improves all inputs/outputs MGT-7